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Shipping palletized goods with Spedingo is easy, cheap and safe.

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On our roads 1 truck out of 4 runs completely empty.

Spedingo allows you to receive free quotes from transport providers with empty space on their vehicles, thus making them earning extra money and letting you save up to 70% on the delivery of your palletized goods.

Easy and free

Indicate your shipping needs and get free online no-obligation quotes


Choose among several low-cost quotes from over 500 transportation companies


Verified professional transportation companies, reviewed by feedback


Fewer trucks traveling empty means less pollution

More than 210,000 people have already used Spedingo

kg of co2 saved

6 4 9 3 5 3 2

Environmentally friendly innovation

Palletized goods - Last deliveries Padua

Delivery request
Padova PD, Italia
93011 Butera CL, Italia
Km 1367
€ 150
Roma RM, Italia
Padova PD, Italia
Km 489
€ 90
07046 Porto Torres SS, Italia
Km 732
€ 310
Padova PD, Italia
55100 Lucca LU, Italia
Km 272
Padova PD, Italia
09080 Allai OR, Italia
Km 786
Padova PD, Italia
09025 Sanluri VS, Italia
Km 837
€ 212
Eugene, Oregon, Stati Uniti
Padova PD, Italia
Km 9132
Padova PD, Italia
17100 Savona SV, Italia
Km 409
€ 290
Padova PD, Italia
Km 1428
€ 550
Padova PD, Italia
92100 Agrigento AG, Italia
Km 1424
Padova PD, Italia
Lione, Francia
Km 678
€ 903
Padova PD, Italia
Bologna BO, Italia
Km 116
€ 153
21057 Olgiate Olona VA, Italia
Padova PD, Italia
Km 273
€ 230
Bordeaux, Francia
Padova PD, Italia
Km 1236
€ 750
Padova, PD, Italia
Penne, PE, Italia
Km 493
€ 150
Padova, PD, Italia
Roma, RM, Italia
Km 495
€ 120
Padova PD, Italia
72023 Mesagne BR, Italia
Km 905
€ 110
Padova PD, Italia
60035 Jesi AN, Italia
Km 331
€ 250
Padova PD, Italia
09017 Sant'Antioco CI, Italia
Km 920
€ 125
71029 Troia FG, Italia
35127 Padova PD, Italia
Km 684
€ 80

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