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For each published request are indicated:
                 - items to be transported,
                 - location and dates of collection and delivery,
                 - number of estimates received.
                 Click on the name of a transport request to view all the details.

                 To send questions or make an offer to the holder of the request you must be registered (for free) as a carrier.

The search tool gives the possibility to filter requests based on one or more categories, a predefined time horizon and a preferred geographical area.

You can save your favorite request and then reload it later.

Geographical filters are available for:
           Regions to filter by geographical area of withdrawal and/or delivery;
           Route filters on the basis of compatibility with a route, specifying the origin, destination and maximum number of additional kilometers you are willing to travel;
           Location to filter by pickup or delivery location.

Temporal filters are available that allow you to view searches that correspond to a personalized time horizon, both for collection and for delivery. Time filters and advanced tools can be used together.


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