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Domestic home removals
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What do
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With transporting your favorite items has never been easier. We put you in contact with professional transporters in Italy and Europe.

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More than 665.000 people have already used

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Spedingo allows you to receive free quotes from transport providers with empty space on their vehicles, thus making them earning extra money and letting you save up to 70% and we take care of the earth.

On our roads 1 truck out of 4 runs completely empty

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9 7 6 3 9 1 4

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Home removals - Last deliveries

Delivery request
20156 Villapizzone, MI, it
Gijón, O, es
Km 1602
€ 350
Bruxelles, BRU, be
Skopje, mk
Km 2146
€ 820
Milano, MI, it
20013 Magenta, MI, it
Km 36
€ 290
Palermo, PA, it
Roma, RM, it
Km 950
€ 400
41121 Modena, MO, it
10139 Cenisia, TO, it
Km 299
€ 180
52025 Montevarchi, AR, it
07040 Stintino, SS, it
Km 596
€ 115
Concamarise, VR, it
74027 San Giorgio Ionico, TA, it
Km 873
€ 1000
Sarcedo, VI, it
Ferrara, FE, it
Km 126
€ 75
Agrate Conturbia, NO, it
52044 Cortona, AR, it
Km 485
€ 234
34137 Trieste, TS, it
10147 Borgo Vittoria, TO, it
Km 556
€ 1100
Venezia, VE, it
Catania, CT, it
Km 1303
€ 170
27100 Pavia, PV, it
80014 Giugliano in Campania, NA, it
Km 756
€ 250
Valencia, V, es
Roma, RM, it
Km 1703
€ 790
Milano MI, Italia
Parigi, Francia
Km 852
€ 790
13017 Quarona, VC, it
San Donà di Piave, VE, it
Km 403
€ 480
San Gallo, SG, ch
55045 Pietrasanta, LU, it
Km 575
€ 1250
75020 XX arrondissement di Parigi, 75, fr
Roma, RM, it
Km 1428
€ 1250
33100 Udine, UD, it
76121 Barletta, BT, it
Km 880
€ 700
Milano, MI, it
Bari, BA, it
Km 886
€ 130
Baden, AG, ch
Firenze, FI, it
Km 614
€ 600
35020 Due Carrare, PD, it
Borgagne, LE, it
Km 944
€ 1100
20125 Centrale, MI, it
73100 Lecce, LE, it
Km 1038
€ 100
Göteborg, O, se
Gorgonzola, MI, it
Km 1778
€ 2500
56123 Pisa, PI, it
Milano, MI, it
Km 279
€ 290
12023 Caraglio, CN, it
00153 Trastevere, RM, it
Km 646
€ 700