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On our roads 1 truck out of 4 runs completely empty.

Spedingo allows you to receive free quotes from transport providers with empty space on their vehicles, thus making them earning extra money and letting you save up to 70% on the delivery of your palletized goods.

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Fewer trucks traveling empty means less pollution

More than 210,000 people have already used Spedingo

kg of co2 saved

6 7 1 1 9 1 9

Environmentally friendly innovation

Palletized goods - Last deliveries Barcelona

Delivery request
22100 Como CO, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1025
€ 250
Pisa PI, Italia
08790 Gelida, Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1035
€ 190
Km 1146
€ 220
29010 Alseno PC, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1020
€ 250
Barcellona, Spagna
25055 Pisogne BS, Italia
Km 1095
€ 360
Roma RM, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1359
€ 738
Roma, RM, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1359
€ 950
Barcellona, Spagna
Milano MI, Italia
Km 982
€ 210
Barcellona, Spagna
72022 Latiano BR, Italia
Km 1924
€ 220
Calella, Barcellona, Spagna
Rometta, ME, Italia
Km 1311
€ 450
Via I Maggio, 8A, Zona Industriale di Bussolengo, 37012 Z.a.i. VR, Italia
Montmeló, Spagna
Km 1094
€ 950
Via della Muratella, Fiumicino, RM, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1327
€ 220
08203 Sabadell, Barcellona, Spagna
Forno Canavese, TO, Italia
Km 894
€ 200
Sarcedo, VI, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1204
€ 550
Pisa PI, Italia
Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1017
€ 210
Granollers, Barcelona, Spagna
Salerno SA, Italia
Km 1567
€ 250
Barcellona, Spagna
Trieste TS, Italia
Km 1371
€ 290
36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italia
08023 Barcellona, Spagna
Km 1208
€ 210

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