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On our roads 1 truck out of 4 runs completely empty.

Spedingo allows you to receive free quotes from transport providers with empty space on their vehicles, thus making them earning extra money and letting you save up to 70% on the delivery of bulky items.

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Indicate your shipping needs and get free online no-obligation quotes


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Fewer trucks traveling empty means less pollution

More than 210,000 people have already used Spedingo

kg of co2 saved

6 7 9 1 6 6 1

Environmentally friendly innovation

Vehicles - Last deliveries Modena

Delivery request
Modena MO, Italia
52010 Subbiano AR, Italia
Km 217
€ 390
Modena MO, Italia
Milano MI, Italia
Km 177
€ 125
80028 Grumo Nevano NA, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 596
€ 140
Modena, MO, Italia
Foggia, FG, Italia
Km 591
€ 250
Modena MO, Italia
Napoli NA, Italia
Km 601
€ 180
Modena MO, Italia
73100 Lecce LE, Italia
Km 860
€ 170
89034 Bovalino RC, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 1077
€ 200
80054 Gragnano NA, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 630
€ 155
Km 828
€ 150
Aci Catena
Km 1160
€ 200
Firenze FI, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 138
€ 95
Palermo, PA, Italia
Modena, MO, Italia
Km 1297
€ 250
Modena, MO, Italia
Bologna, BO, Italia
Km 46
€ 94
Cesena FC, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 132
€ 110
Castelvetro di Modena, MO, Italia
Pomezia, RM, Italia
Km 444
€ 109
Caserta, CE, Italia
Modena, MO, Italia
Km 577
€ 150
Palese, Bari BA, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 701
€ 100
Teramo, TE, Italia
Modena, MO, Italia
Km 396
€ 130
Modena, MO, Italia
Nettuno, RM, Italia
Km 479
€ 200
Modena MO, Italia
San Casciano in Val di pesa FI, Italia
Km 147
€ 244
Roma, RM, Italia
Modena, MO, Italia
Km 402
€ 124
Modena, MO, Italia
Bari, BA, Italia
Km 711
€ 200
Pozzuoli, NA, Italia
Modena, MO, Italia
Km 616
€ 200
Napoli NA, Italia
Modena MO, Italia
Km 602
€ 150

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