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Merci su pallet 72020 Erchie BR - Roma RM

Palletized goods

Transport provider:
Quote submitted: 09/03/2020 09:28:46
Total quote: € 160 (VAT excluded)
Status: Acceptedon09/04/2020 12:09:02
Quote expiry date: None
Vehicle type:
Collection date: Flexible
Delivery date: Flexible
Other information: Carico e scarico piano stradale con sponda idraulica partenze due volte a settimana
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TOTAL €160.00
Delivery confirmed
Prices exclude VAT, where applicable

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Salve,una domanda prima di fare la prenotazione,il banale viene caricato e scaricato a destinazione?o passa attraverso altri trasportatori?Grazie per la sua cortese risposta.
Unico trasportatore. Grazie .Assicurazione inclusa.
Se mi conferma subito ritiriamo entro domani.
Guardi,le posso dare Conferma nel pomeriggio in quanto sto aspettando il Saldo dal cliente,eventualmente se confermiamo entro stasera ,il ritiro viene fatto sempre domani?
Dipende dalle prenotazioni .Se il mezzo è carico potrebbe slittare al giorno dopo.
Ok,le faccio sapere stasera,la ringrazio di cuore per la pronta risposta.A dopo
Attendo grazie
Buongiorno,ci possiamo organizzare per il ritiro del Pallet,devo proseguire con la prenotazione?se effettuo la prenotazione adesso quando viene ritirato?Grazie
Se conferma subito ritiriamo entro Martedi l autista preavvisa prima


How is the delivery paid?

When booking the delivery you are requested to pay a small deposit in advance, while the remaining balance will be paid directly to the transport provider either before collection or after the delivery of your goods (depending on what you agreed with the transport provider).

What is the deposit payment?

It is a payment of a few euros through which you show your interest in making the shipment. In this way the carrier is encouraged to reserve space for your goods on his truck.

How does the deposit payment work?

Spedingo allows you to pay the deposit in a fast and reliable way thanks to the international payment platform PayPal. This way you can be confident that your personal and credit card information will not be disclosed neither to the transport provider nor to Spedingo’s staff.

I have booked the delivery and paid the deposit but the transport provider canceled the service, what happens?

Your deposit will be refunded in full and, if you wish, Spedingo will help you to identify an alternative delivery service.

Is the booking of the delivery binding?

No. If you wish to cancel the delivery you just have to notify the transport provider and you will be not required to pay any remaining balance.

How much is the tax on transportation?

The deposit payable at time of booking is exempt from VAT as per the Italian Presidential Decree 633/1972. The remaining balance may be subject to VAT according to the place of departure and destination, the transporter residence and the residence of the buyer.

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